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customized gifts for kids 18 Trunk-or-Treat Car Decorating Ideas pillow case baby

custom gift for teacher
customized gifts for kids 18 Trunk-or-Treat Car Decorating Ideas pillow case baby
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We have a Trunk-or-Treat every year with the members of our church congregation.? I don’;t know if you’;re familiar with a Trunk-or-Treat…;..but it’;s a simple and safe way to allow trick-or-treating, in a controlled area.? Generally those participating will park their cars in a parking lot and will open their trunks to trick-or-treaters and will pass out candy as the children come by.? However, our church congregation holds the Trunk-or-Treat on a day other than October 31st because there are still plenty of safe neighborhoods that many of us take our children to.? Because why not stretch out Halloween for as long as we can?? ;)? So for our congregationcustomized gifts for kids, it’;s just an excuse for friends and neighbors to get together and have a little Halloween party inside of the church, with a fun little Trunk-or-Treat out in the parking lot afterwards.

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We have decorated our car from time to time, but it has always been a little dull.? I like to decorate my front door when Trick-or-Treaters come by…;…;..but our car has never been much to look at for the Trunk-or-Treaters.? And you know, decorations just make the whole event a lot more fun…;…;.so this year, I’;m totally decorating the back of our car.? No matter what!

So, I started browsing around online and found SO MANY darling ideas!? And even better, it got me thinking of other ideas that would match the theme of my kids’; costumes this year.? Oh, I can hardly wait!!!!! :)

Just check these ideas out.? How fun would any of these be for your local Trunk-or-Treat this year!

Toilet Paper Mummy with Teeth

Wizard of Oz and Emerald City

Giant Frog and Tongue

Toy Story…;Andy’;s Bed

Cars Movie: Lightening McQueen and Mater

Cookie Monster

Teeth and Tongue

Zoo Cage with Animals

Wizard of Oz



Monsters Inc.

Noah’;s Ark

Finding Nemo

Jonah and the Whale

Beach Theme

I Spy…;

Charlie Brown and the “;Great Pumpkin”;

. . . . .

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My husband Carleton and I both went to the same college (GO BEARS! CAL FOREVER!) and believe that a solid education is the best gift we can give our daughter. To that end, we like to turn family time into learning time whenever we can. This game of “Sink or Float” is loads of fun (kids love playing with water and making messes, right?), but it’s also really a science experiment in disguise.

Don’t you just want to slip some tiny toes into these reversible baby booties? I love that they look so stylish and can be made with scrap fabrics you already have at home. It was no surprise to find out that Elles, the designer of these shoes and pattern, used to be a fashion designer. Without a doubt, these adorable booties can make a perfect gift and keepsake for a new little peanut.

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