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customized gifts for kids 8 Reasons to Use Pattern in Your Room funny cushion covers

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customized gifts for kids 8 Reasons to Use Pattern in Your Room funny cushion covers
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Patterns are an important decorating tool, and whether you prefer quiet patterns or bold patterns, every room should include a few. We use them strategically for all sorts of reasons, so we thought we’;d share why you need to work them into your design plan.

One of the more obvious reasons to use a pattern is that you can use them to express your personality. The colors, the type of pattern, and the application of the pattern all say something different about you, your familycustomized gifts for kids, and your home. We’;re big believers that your home should represent who you are, so we encourage you to find a print that speaks to you and have fun with it!

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Patterns evoke a certain feel, and if you like the idea of switching things up from season to season, a pattern can certainly help you do that. Perhaps you use throw pillows in vibrant florals during the summer, then switch to plaid pillows during the fall.

A pattern on a piece of upholstery or rug is the perfect way to camouflage stains in busy rooms of the house. The floral print on the chairs around this breakfast table will help mask any ‘;oops’; moments you may have, and this vibrant coral rug can keep spills or paw prints from being obvious.

We’;ve talked before about how important focal points are —; every room should have at least one —; and a pattern is a great way to create a focal point in a room. Take this canopy for example. In every bedroom, the bed should really be the first thing to draw you in, and a brightly pattern canopy (or headboard) does just that in this space.

Miles Redd is always talking about how important it is to work tension into your room. Choose a couple of disparate elements that can blend together, and you’;ll make your space more interesting. We love mixing together patterns that feel like opposites, like we’;ve done in the family room above. The orange floral print and bold cheetah contrast one another, but together, they liven up a white sectional and give the room a sense of fun.

Neutrals are an important element in a room. After all, not every item in your space can be a pattern. But together, patterns help perk up neutral elements, working together to create a balanced space. In the bedroom above, we chose a simple neutral performance fabric for our club chair, but a more colorful bench at the end of the bed helps bring life to the bedroom. A neutral bench wouldn’;t have had the same effect. These two pieces work together to make the room practical and also packed with personality.

Use fabrics to transport you to another place, like your favorite vacation spot. A great floral or palm print, like we used in this poolside space, can have a strong personality that speak volumes on its own.

Every room needs at least one big piece that anchors the space. In most cases, a rug or one big piece of furniture (like a sectional or media unit) do this beautifully. It’;s got a bold presence and it’;s the jumping off point for everything else in the space. Here, we’;ve used a patterned rug to help bring some weight to the floor, allowing us to keep everything else light and neutral. Patterned drapes are another great way to do this!

Browse our all of our fabrics, learn to mix patterns,or find more inspiration in theGet Inspired section of our website.

Colours fall into different groups, some of which are refer to as hot, whilst others are referred to as cold; the shades in between fall to either side of the parameters depending on which hues they display the most.

Spring entertaining is so refreshing, because it brings on a soft palette of subtle colors. This year’s Easter table setting was inspired by the little red bud blooms from the tree just outside the dining room window. The soft pinks are a beautiful contrast to my standard Easter blue, that I don’t think I can ever shy away from. Dusty blue just feels quintessential Easter to me. I made just one purchase for this year’s Easter decor…

Getting bedroom décor for kid's rooms can be somewhat of a challenge to put it mildly! Anyone with children will tell you that as fast as you decorate a room to their liking, the chances of them wanting something different a few months later is reality. In today's world of peer pressure you're made to feel that you're letting your child down if they don't have the latest trends and styles just like their mates. So, in many ways it can feel a little like the Forth Bridge – as you finish the room it's time to start all over again!