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customized gifts for kids Cute & Easy DIY 4th of July Shirts customized baby gifts

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customized gifts for kids Cute & Easy DIY 4th of July Shirts customized baby gifts
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To help my kids celebrate the 4th of July, I made them some cute4th of July shirts. Today I thought I’;d show you how to make your own Pocket Tees perfect for the 4th.

They are super easy to make, all you need is some scraps of 4th of July Fabric. I’;ll show you how to make 4th of July Shirts in two styles, a pocket teecustomized gifts for kids, and an AmericaSilhouette T-Shirt.

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When my kids were little I used to love picking out matching 4th of July family t-shirts for them to wear to celebrate. Now that they are all teenagers I know that the possibility of them all wearing matching tees on the fourth is, at best slim to none. So I’;m trying a new approach. I made them all patriotic pocket tees that I hope they will wear sometime during the week of the fourth *wink*.

We are headed south for the holiday and I thought I’;d take a little bit of inspiration from the southern prep shirts that my college daughter loves so much. I started with simple plain t-shirts and added pockets and embellishments to make them cute 4th of July shirts.

Today I actually have two 4th of July T-shirt ideas to share with you. You can use both of them on one shirt or pick and choose as you like. It’;s up to you!

Create a Silhouette of the United States and Applique it to the back of a t-shirt.

Add a red white and blue pocket to the front of a tshirt.

TIP: You can combine both of the ideas onto one shirt (i.e. a pocket on the front and a silhouette applique on the back).

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–; Fat Quarters of Red White and Blue fabric, try to find some stripes and some stars. For the USA outline, you’;ll need almost an entire fat quarter. The pockets can be made from smaller pieces or scraps of fabric.

-Pocket Template (download for free on templates page)-it’;s the larger of the two templates

-US Outline Template (download for free on templates page)

-Sewing Machine

-Paper Backed Fusible Web

-Plain tees. I like to use the Comfort Colors brand, I buy them on Amazon, they are extra thick and are great to stitch onto.

Print out the outline of the US and tape pieces together.

Flip over and trace onto the paper side of the fusible web.

Cut out loosely around the shape. Iron onto the wrong side of a piece of fabric.

Cut out more precisely and peel off the paper.

Iron onto the back of the t-shirt. Stitch around the edges to secure.

Cut a 3″; x 7″; piece of fabric and a 7″; x 7″; piece of fabric from your supply of fat quarters.

Stitch the two pieces together along the 7″; sides using a 1/2″; seam allowance. Press the seam open.

Place the pocket template over the top of the seam between the two pieces and cut out. Cut out a second piece the same size from another piece of fabric for the pocket lining.

Next, put your two pocket pieces right sides together and stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Leave 2″ opening in one side of the pocket to turn it right side out.

Clip the corners and turn right side out and press.

For a bit of extra detail, top stitch along the seam between the two pieces of fabric on the pocket front.

Pin the pocket to the t-shirt in the desired location and stitch in place. Be sure to backstitch a few times at the top of the pocket.

That’;s it!! You’;re done, easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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