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customized gifts for kids Cute & Simple Kids Library Bag Pattern customized gifts for mom

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customized gifts for kids Cute & Simple Kids Library Bag Pattern customized gifts for mom
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This kids?library bag is so easy to stitch up and is perfect for someone who is just learning to sew.? It’;s a super simple tote bag pattern and makes a great gift!

We have a new niece in our family and I am so excited! Excited and happy for my brother and his wife, but also SO excited to have an excuse to sew some baby items again!! I caught the “;sewing bug”; when my twins (who are now 17) were babies. Since then, everyone I know has big kids are teens so I haven’;t had the opportunity to stitch many baby items lately.

baby pillows

Simple Simon &; Co just released their newest fabric line with Riley Blake called Let Them Be Little. It’;s a line inspired by their kids and is perfect for babies all the way up to older kids. You can read more about the fabric HERE.?

With the line, they created a fun panel which you can use to make a quilt. It’;s all one piece and is the perfect “;cheater quilt”;. Instead of making a quilt, I deiced to cut up the panel and use it to make some library bags instead.? Since I now have two nieces under the age of 8customized gifts for kids, I thought it would only be fair that I made them?each their?own book bag.

I used one piece of the panel for the front of the bag and one for the back of the bag. For the lining of the bag, I used regular fabric yardage.

These bags are SO easy to make. The pattern is great for kids learning how to sew or for someone that is just making their first tote bag.

It’;s also a great pattern if you’;re looking to make a quick gift!

Note: You can make this bag with any print of fabric, you don’;t have to use the premade panel. Instructions are included for both versions of the bag.

Since I was so excited about the new baby, I decided to make my new niece a little dress to go along with her new library bag.

The pattern is the Geranium Dress by Made by Rae. I used a bit of the red and pinks from the line and finished?it off with a bit of woven gingham fabric for the lining.

Okay, now back to the library totes! Let’;s stitch some up.

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1/2 yard fabric for bag outside

1/2 yard fabric for bag lining

(note: I used one large panel from the Let Them Be Little Fabric line, instead of buying fabric for the bag outside).

1 yard of 2″; wide ribbon or cotton webbing

KAM Snap Setter and Snaps –; this is the set that I purchased

1 yard Shape Flex Interfacing

The fabric is from?Let Them Be Little, by Riley Blake Designs

Basic Sewing Supplies –; purchase a starter kit HERE.

For the Bag Outside?Cut:

2 pieces each 12″; x 16″;. If you are using the Let Them Be Little Panel, cut the pieces out so that the panel is in the center of your fabric pieces.

Oversized panel from Let Them Be Little

For Bag Lining Cut:

2 pieces each 12″; x 16″;

From Shape Flex Interfacing Cut:

2 pieces each 12″; x 16″;

From Ribbon Cut:

2 pieces each 18″; long

Apply interfacing to the wrong side of your two bag outside pieces.

For one of my bags, I used the alphabet section from the panel. I decided to personalize the bag a bit more by adding a bit of embroidery to the front of the bag. I drew a heart around?the “;H”; (the library bag recipients?initial) and just did a simple back stitch around the outside of the letter.

Stitch the two bag outside pieces together, right sides facing with a 1/2 seam allowance.? Repeat with the two bag lining pieces.

On the bag lining trim the seam allowance down to about 1/8″;.

Press the seam allowance of the bag outside open, clip the seam allowance from the bottom corners, and turn the bag right side out.

Measure in 1″; from the outside edge of the bag outside piece on both sides of the bag.

Finish the ends of your ribbon with a bit of fray check (don’;t skip this step, otherwise the handles will pull out with use).

Place the ribbon on one side of the tote bag with the raw edge of the ribbon flush with the top of the bag and the edge of the ribbon at the 1″; mark that you placed on the bag.? Stitch in place. Repeat with the other side o the ribbon and the other side of the bag.

Slip the bag outside piece into the bag lining piece so that the right sides of the fabric are facing. Line up the seam allowances of both pieces and pin the lining to the bag outside.

Stitch around the top of the bag leaving a 6″; opening in one side of the bag.

Turn bag right side out through the opening. Press the top of the bag well.

Top stitch the top of the bag, making sure to catch the opening in the bag as you sew.

To finish the bag, set one KAM snap in the top. The snap will be 1″; down from the top of the bag and centered.

Finish the bag off by giving it a good pressing!

Now just fill it up with books, and gift away.

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