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customized gifts for kids How To Etch Glass Tutorial custom anniversary gifts

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customized gifts for kids How To Etch Glass Tutorial custom anniversary gifts
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This How to Etch Glass Tutorial will soon be your favorite DIY project!

For the longest time, I’;ve been wanting to etch glass. ?It’;s one of those crafts that I always thought was really hard, but it’;s probably one of the easiest projects I’;ve done. I used the Armour Etch cream, but for a non-chemical methodcustomized gifts for kids, I used the Martha Stewart Frosted Glass to do my craft room etched glass closet doors. ?It’;s busy, but so is the room.

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For my monthly segment on my local TV morning show, I shared how to etch glass and thought it would be fun to have a cute fish bowl on display.

I used painters tape and vinyl letters (used my Silhouette) to create the design I wanted. I smeared on my etching paste thick.

After about 10 min, I rinsed it all off, then peeled all the tape and letters away. ?Since I don’;t have a fish and I didn’;t want to get one JUST for the TV segment, I made a fake fish. I think it’;s pretty cute…;…;the fish bowl turned out cute too!

This is a great craft for drinking glasses, vases, casserole dishes. ?So easy!

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