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customized gifts for kids How to Clean Your Sewing Machine- Get Smoother Sewing & Fewer Repairs sofa pillow covers

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customized gifts for kids How to Clean Your Sewing Machine- Get Smoother Sewing & Fewer Repairs sofa pillow covers
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This is one article we like to bring back often because it's so important to be nice to your trusty sewing machine. Do you know the number one thing you can do to keep your sewing machine running smoothly? Clean out the lint! It's an unavoidable by-product of sewing. The more you sew, the more lint sifts into the guts of your machine. A little regular cleaning will keep your machine running smoothly. And a clean machine is also a quiet machine.?Not only will periodic "care and feeding" help your machine to run better, it can also save you money in major repairs. Our thanks to Janome America for taking us through the important steps of regular maintenance you can do yourself in between trips to your dealer for more thorough cleaning and service.

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How often to clean your machine depends on how often you use it. Janome most often recommends cleaning a machine after at least every 10 hours of use. But more often is fine. Take a peek inside the bobbin case. If you see lint beginning to accumulate, it's time to do some maintenance. Many quilters swear by the rule of cleaning the bobbin case after every two to three bobbin changes.

Any time you experience trouble with your machine, try cleaning it. It's part of the Janome "testing trio" of things to try when there's an issue; 1) re-thread the needle and bobbin, 2) insert a new needle appropriate to the project, 3) clean the machine.?

Quite a few problems are caused by an accumulation of dustcustomized gifts for kids, lint or thread bits on the working parts of the machine. After cleaning your machine, if it still is not working smoothly, have your machine checked by your local dealer. Continuing to sew when your machine is not functioning correctly can worsen a problem.

In the photos below, we're using the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000, proving that all machines, from entry-level to top-of-the-line, need attention on a regular basis. We appreciate the time and patience of the staff at Paramount Sewing &; Vacuum in Eugene, Oregon for being our photo shoot location. You guys are great!

Your sewing machine's instruction manual is the best reference for your machine. You need it in order to properly maintain your specific machine. If you don't have one for your make and model, go to the manufacturer's website. Janome America offers a handy, all-in-one page where you can search for your model and?download a copy of the manual. If you are unable to find anything online, contact the manufacturer and request one. Provide the machine name, model, and serial number if possible. Your local dealer may also be able to help you.

Standard items:

Optional items:

Once your machine is lint free, you can lubricate it with the clear oil recommended in your owner's manual. Do not use any other type of oil. Don't use WD-40 or other household oil.

Some newer machines DO NOT require lubrication at all. Refer to your manual.

If you have lubricated your machine with oil, when you're finished, leave a fabric remnant under the presser foot to soak up any oil left behind. Then, when you start your next project, there's no danger of an oily stain getting left behind on your new fabric with the first few stitches.?

It takes only a few extra minutes to keep your machine running like a champ.

Our thanks again to Janome America for helping us give you the information you need to keep your sewing machine running at its best. For more about Janome machines, accessories and projects, visit them online or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube?and Pinterest.?

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