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customized gifts for kids How to Make a Phone Case that’s Splash Proof customized gifts for mom

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customized gifts for kids How to Make a Phone Case that’s Splash Proof customized gifts for mom
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Summer’;s here and with it are days near the beach and the pool. To keep my phone protected, I designed this DIY Phone Case that’;s Splash Proof, and have a tutorial to make it to share with you today. If you like this projectcustomized gifts for kids, you may also enjoy my “;Sunnies”; Sunglasses Case Sewing Pattern.

During the summer I spend a lot of time watching kids from the sidelines as they play in the pool or jump in the lake.

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I’;ve noticed that kids aren’;t always really good at keeping the water IN the pool while they are playing. Somehow there always seems to be quite a lot of water that splashes out of the pool and onto the tables and chairs around the pool. This is bad if your phone is on one of those tables.

Recently year I thought that I’;d stitch myself up a phone case to protect my phone when I’;m poolside with the kids. I’;m headed to the beach for a few days this summer and I think that this case will also be great to keep the sand away too.

First up, this case is SPLASH proof, NOT waterproof. Don’;t go dunking your phone in the pool with this…; The case features a zip-top and a clear front so that you can SEEyour phone that way you know if you get a call or a text.

There is also clear vinyl on the back of the pouch and you could easily make this pouch entirely clear…; however I wanted to add a bit of color so I’;ve added a printed fabric liner to the back of the pouch.

Note: this post was published previously. It has been updated and improved.

Want tomake one, here’;s what you’;ll need:

This case was designed to fit an iPhone 6 , you can adjust the size if you need to fit your specific phone.

Sources are linked when possible.

Time needed:?1 hour.

How to Make a Splash Proof Phone Case

Iron the heat n bond lite onto the wrong side of one of the 5″ x 8″ fabric pieces. ?Peel off the paper backing and iron to the wrong side of the other 5″ x 8″ fabric piece. Now you have a piece of fabric that is double-sided.

Next, use binding clips to pin the RIGHT side of the zipper to one of the clear vinyl pieces.Stitch in place using a zipper foot.

NOTE: to get the vinyl to feed through the machine evenly you need to create a barrier between it and the feed dogs on the sewing machine.To do this place a scrap piece of tissue paper under the vinyl. Stitch in place then tear away the vinyl. I just used some tissue paper left over from interfacing.

Next, lay the double-sided fabric on top of the other clear vinyl piece. ?Place the RIGHT side of the other side of the zipper on top of the fabric. Stitch all layers in place (also using the tissue paper).Using your fingers or a flat object (like a pen or pencil) press the vinyl pieces away from the zipper. If they are being very stubborn you can place a cloth over the vinyl and press it lightly with an iron.

Fold the pouch so that it is right side out and the front and back pieces are touching. ?Using a round object (like a CD) round off the two bottom corners of the pouch. Make sure that all your pieces are lined up properly before you cut.

Open up the double fold bias tape all the way. ?Stitch it to the back side?of the pouch, the raw edge of the bias tape even with the raw edge of the pouch. Stitch close to the 1st fold in the tape (use the tissue paper again to help the vinyl feed through the machine).

Refold the bias tape. On the right side of the pouch stitch the bias tape in place close to the folded edge. ?Fold under the raw edges of the bias tape at the start and stop to get a smooth finish on the corners.

Instructions to make the yarn tassel for the pouch can be found here.

That’;s it! You’;re done! Now pat yourself on the back!!!

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