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customized gifts for kids Interior Design For Men - Home Pub funny cushion covers

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customized gifts for kids Interior Design For Men - Home Pub funny cushion covers
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The trend for staying at home rather than going out for drinks continues to gather momentum despite the Chancellor not putting the price of a pint up as expected. With the ever rising costs of everyday living still hitting some people's pocket hard have a drink at home has taken on a whole new meaning within the world of interior design. Today, man caves, dens and home pubs have become the 'must have' room in many homes. A separate room designed specifically for the purpose of R&;R sees basements and garages being transformed into pub-like rooms, complete with a purpose built barcustomized gifts for kids, trendy bar stools as well as a comfortable seating area and wall mounted plasma televisions. This room is typically designed by men and encompasses all the iconic paraphernalia associated with a pub, from the bar itself to trendy bar stools made from beer barrels.

Traditional pub games such as darts, shove 'ha'penny, dominoes and cards can be used as functional accessories to create the right atmosphere and ambience. If this style of man cave sounds right up your street it's relatively easy to recreate, especially if you're willing to give up your garage. It's unlikely that there will be any windows in the room, if there are use blackout roller blinds to stop prying eyes from seeing inside during the evenings – unless you don't mind the 'open house' informality.

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Plain walls allow for posters, photographs etc. to be displayed and become part of the overall theme. Plain flooring is also advisable, if it's washable that would be even better. Lighting will also be key to the success of the room. Take away the fluorescent tube lighting that's found in most garages and replace them with spot lighting or sunken lights, and include table lamps for the darker corners. With the basics out of the way you'll then need to focus your attention on the bar itself.

If you like DIY then you'll be able to make your own bar, if not you may know a carpenter or a friend who's willing to lend a hand, if these aren't options you'll have to down the custom made or possibly ready made route. Once in place all that's left to do is add the beer and call your mates – you'll find there's more to staying at home than meets the eye!

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