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customized gifts for kids Interior Design for Men – Chill Out Zones funny cushion covers

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customized gifts for kids Interior Design for Men – Chill Out Zones funny cushion covers
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Lest we forget interior design isn't solely for women – men are also heavily involved the the process from conception to end result. Many of the world renowned interior designers were or are men.

From William Morris to Charles and Ray Eames, along with current designers who have made their mark on the world of interior design such as Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen and Julian Charles. These designers didn't start out to prove a point that men should 'rule the roost' when it comes to choosing home décor styles. In fact many of their concepts and ideas are based around the 'average' household and have produced ranges of soft furnishings, including designer bedding and ideas to suit the vast majority. Others can be seen in interior design journals and television makeover programmes.

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Stressful and hectic lifestyles mean that we all need an chill out zone or a place where we can relax on our own or in the company of friends. The idea of man dens has drifted from across the pond and it's these rooms most styles and themes are based on. For this post we're going to focus on chill out zones for men. 'Man caves' and 'man dens' are becoming increasingly popularcustomized gifts for kids, with many different ideas to suit a wide variety of activities – the main focus being that these rooms have one common theme, which is of course men!

While it's great to have your own space these rooms aren't designed specifically for individuals. They also incorporate the ability to have mates over and have fun. The design typically revolves around a favourite pass-time or sport. This could be watching movies, playing a guitar or listening to music – most will also have some form of drinks cabinet, bar or beer fridge and if the man is tee-total a coffee machine, kettle and teapot will be close at hand!

It also should be mentioned that many chill out zones as far away from the bustle of the household which can mean the basement (cave), garage or attic. Wherever the space is it's down to men to decorate and choose the style, theme and colour scheme themselves and of course kitting the room out with the things they want and need. This however, doesn't mean these are a shambles which have been thrown together from 'left-overs' – far from in fact; these room are custom built and many will have all the latest gizmo's and gadgets to make them as comfortable as possible.

Colours fall into different groups, some of which are refer to as hot, whilst others are referred to as cold; the shades in between fall to either side of the parameters depending on which hues they display the most.

Spring entertaining is so refreshing, because it brings on a soft palette of subtle colors. This year’s Easter table setting was inspired by the little red bud blooms from the tree just outside the dining room window. The soft pinks are a beautiful contrast to my standard Easter blue, that I don’t think I can ever shy away from. Dusty blue just feels quintessential Easter to me. I made just one purchase for this year’s Easter decor…

Getting bedroom décor for kid's rooms can be somewhat of a challenge to put it mildly! Anyone with children will tell you that as fast as you decorate a room to their liking, the chances of them wanting something different a few months later is reality. In today's world of peer pressure you're made to feel that you're letting your child down if they don't have the latest trends and styles just like their mates. So, in many ways it can feel a little like the Forth Bridge – as you finish the room it's time to start all over again!