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customized gifts for kids New! Wonderland Mini Quilt Patterns customized gifts for mom

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customized gifts for kids New! Wonderland Mini Quilt Patterns customized gifts for mom
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A couple of years ago I made my first mini quilt and was instantly hooked! They are perfect when you’;re in the mood for a “;quick fix”; project. Today I’;m excited to be releasing?my first mini quilt patterns. ?These Wonderland inspired mini quilts would make wonderful gifts for a?little one in your life!

When my oldest daughter was little, we used to read her books before she went to bed each night. She had a few that she loved having us read to her over and over again. One of those favorites was the Madeline series by Ludwig Bemelmans. ?I can still remember the opening lines, “;In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.”; ?That line about the “;old house in Paris that was covered in vines”; always stuck with us, and we’;d find ourselves frequently over the years remarking that homes we came across reminded us of Madeline’;s house.?I think my subconscious must have been thinking of that house when todays project “;popped out”; of my brain.

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Have you ever started a project, gotten half way through, and realized that it was talking a LOT longer than you thought it would? That’;s pretty much how I felt after I got into the “;throws”; of writing the mini quilt patterns in todays post. ?I thought “;heycustomized gifts for kids, they are mini’;s, it will be fast and easy to write and photograph”;…;. pshhhhh .. I was seriously?wrong. I’;ve concluded that while mini quilts are a million times faster to sew than regular size quilts, that they take just as long to write as patterns. Which is why this pattern is coming out today, instead of in March as I originally intended *wink* *wink*.

The idea to create a few Wonderland inspired mini quilts came from a demonstration I did in February at QuiltCon. I taught a mini class on how to make Polaroid quilt blocks (you can see the full tutorial for those HERE). In preparation for my class I made a bunch of blocks to use as examples. ?As I started making the blocks, I decided that I needed to turn them into something. I got the idea to make a mini quilt, since I thought the finished blocks looked like bunnies peering out the window of a house!

After I made the dollhouse mini quilt, I thought, “;hey, I should make another mini to go with it.”;…; and the rest of the story pretty much reads like “;If you give a Mouse a Cookie”;. (hmmm…;.. lots of children’;s book references in today’;s post, must be because my teenagers are driving me crazy right now).

Today I’;m releasing a PDF Mini Pattern for 3 Wonderland Mini Quilts! I think the PDF format is a great format?for larger projects like these quilts. The pattern includes 3 mini quilts, full color photographs and instructions and is 12 pages long. ?12 pages is bit too long to be readable on a blog, so it just made sense to turn the quilts into a mini pattern.

With the “;mini”; theme comes a “;mini”; price, the pattern is listed for half of what my other PDF patterns cost, even though it is in the same format and contains close to the same amount of pages of my other PDF patterns.

Now let?me tell you about the pattern, it includes instructions for 3?mini quilts.The first one is called Lost in Wonderland, it’;s a simple star block quilt and measures approx. 23″; x 23″;. (This pattern was previously featured as a free tutorial, will remain live on this site).

The second quilt is the Wonderland Cottage Quilt, it measures approx. 20″; x 27″; and I think would be ADORABLE as a baby doll quilt or as a wall hanging in a child’;s?room.

The 3rd mini quilt is a take off on a broken dishes block and is called Broken Tea Party Dishes. It measures approx. 12″; x 12″;. ?You could easily make it larger if you’;d like, just by making twice as many blocks!

The pattern is now listed in?my shop (CLICK HERE to go to the shop). It’;s priced at $4.50. After you purchase the pattern you will be emailed a link to download the pattern yourself. If you have any troubles be sure to shoot me an email and I’;ll make sure to walk you through it.

If you are an international buyer you need to purchase the pattern thru Etsy (due to VAT issues). Just CLICK HERE to go to my Etsy shop.

All of the patterns are sewn using my Wonderland and Wonderland Two line of fabrics. You can still find them in stock on Hawthorne Threads, Missouri Star Quilt Company, Fat Quarter?Shop and Etsy! Along with many other places both in the US and abroad. If you need help finding the fabric, just shoot me an email!

If you make one of the patterns, make sure you tag me on social media! I love to see what you’;re doing! ?I’;m @polkadotchair on Instagram and Twitter.

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