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customized gifts for kids Reclaimed Wood Letter ~ Anthropologie Knock Off Week No. 1 pillow covers farmhouse

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customized gifts for kids Reclaimed Wood Letter ~ Anthropologie Knock Off Week No. 1 pillow covers farmhouse
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Welcome to Anthropologie Knock Off week! I am so happy to be part of this EPIC knock off week with four amazingly talented bloggers! Every day this week wewill each be sharing a project inspired by Anthropologie–;that means 5 projects to check out and enjoy every single day! We will be pinning out projects to our group Pinterest board, where you will also find photos of the original Anthropologie versions. And every day I will show you photosof their projects of the day. At the end of this post there are photos of their day 1 projects–;just click on the photos to head over to their blogs for details!

The first project I tackled probably won’t come as a huge surprise to you. You all know how much I love typography, right? And you know I have a monogram gallery wall featuring a big collection of “A”s in my foyer. Well, I want that monogram gallery wall to continue to grow over the years.

rustic pillows for couch

Socustomized gifts for kids, I decided to create my own version of this gorgeous, reclaimed wood letterthat is sold by Anthropologie for a whopping $28.00. I created mine for only $8.oo and I think mine turned out beautifully. Now read on to learn how I did it!

Materials needed:


1) Start by using a paper towel to stain your letter all over, using whatever color wood stain you like or have on hand. I used English Chestnut, which I already had from another project. Don’t be too worried about applying it evenly. The more rustic and weathered your letter looks, the better.

2) Use painters tape to tape off the areas that you do not want to get paint on. I did my best to mimic the paint/stain pattern on the Anthropologie letter that inspired me. 3) Using your small foam brush, paint your first color on. Then adjust the tape as needed.

4) Paint your second color. The best part about painting this letter is the messy is kind of the look you are going for. Have fun with it! You will notice that around some of the edges, I just pressed the foam brush down to kind of “;stamp”; an unfinished paint edge on the letter.

5) Once all of your paint has dried, use sandpaper to rub off some of the paint in some areas. You will also want to lightly sand the whole letter, just to give it a more authentic “reclaimed” look.

That’s it. It was SO easy and I just love how it turned out. I can’t wait to add it to my monogram gallery wall. Because I had all of the materials on hand except for the wooden letter itself, this project cost me around $8.00 {the letter cost me $7.36, to be precise}! That's a savings of $20.00.

I hope to see you back tomorrow when I will show you how I made my own version of Anthropologie's wooden stacking trays for more than $100 less than the Anthropologie version!

Now, before you head out, go check out the other four projects by my talented blogger friends! Aren't they amazing?! Just click on an image to head over to their blogs for all the details!

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