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customized gifts for kids Reconstructed Hair Clip personalized wedding gifts

custom gift for teacher
customized gifts for kids Reconstructed Hair Clip personalized wedding gifts
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When I began wedding planning, I didn't really think I'd have a difficult time finding what I wanted. After many dead-ends with Google searches, I realized I'd have to do some things myself. Unfortunately, that was after I had purchased a couple of budget savvy things I ended up being less than happy with.

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I've had to “;re-do it myself”; on a few of my wedding tasks. For examplecustomized gifts for kids, I chose my wedding dress in late July, and it has the most beautiful dot tulle fabric. Later that week, I had the genius idea of making a reconstructed hair clip to match my dress's fabric. Not so difficult right? Well,? I couldn't find a thing I liked, but I ended up choosing a headpiece I thought would work. Once I received it, I tried it on with my dress, and I wasn't really happy with it. Last weekend I decided to reconstruct the whole thing and secure it with a pendant I found at Jo-Ann. Voila! I'm now super pleased with my headpiece.

Also, Josh and I just chose our cake topper. A super-cute monogram style by Custom Cut Monograms we found on Etsy. With our cake being white, we definitely needed some color, but this monogram only came in neutral colors. So I bought the white one, purchased some acrylic paint from Wal-Mart, and went to town on painting it. It's now a lovely purple monogrammed cake topper.

I'm a nut about details, so I had to do some improvising. I know my fellow BSBers can relate.

What have you decided to reconstruct? Or have you decided to completely DIY?

Colours fall into different groups, some of which are refer to as hot, whilst others are referred to as cold; the shades in between fall to either side of the parameters depending on which hues they display the most.

Spring entertaining is so refreshing, because it brings on a soft palette of subtle colors. This year’s Easter table setting was inspired by the little red bud blooms from the tree just outside the dining room window. The soft pinks are a beautiful contrast to my standard Easter blue, that I don’t think I can ever shy away from. Dusty blue just feels quintessential Easter to me. I made just one purchase for this year’s Easter decor…

Getting bedroom décor for kid's rooms can be somewhat of a challenge to put it mildly! Anyone with children will tell you that as fast as you decorate a room to their liking, the chances of them wanting something different a few months later is reality. In today's world of peer pressure you're made to feel that you're letting your child down if they don't have the latest trends and styles just like their mates. So, in many ways it can feel a little like the Forth Bridge – as you finish the room it's time to start all over again!