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personalized gifts for 1 year old 19 Easy 30 Minute Christmas Ornaments pillow covers geometric

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personalized gifts for 1 year old 19 Easy 30 Minute Christmas Ornaments pillow covers geometric
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Make these Christmas ornaments in less than 30 minutes! They are super easy &; cute and perfect for a small Christmas gift.

Last week I shared so many easy 30 minute Christmas Crafts. I was so excited to share real crafts that we could all finish quickly. And without leaving huge mess.Since there were so many crafts to make, I really wanted to continue the 30 minute craft series with Christmas ornaments. Not only are these ornaments super cute, but they are incredibly easy to make!

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If you are feeling really craftypersonalized gifts for 1 year old, make several of the same type of ornaments in one week. Then, attach an ornament to your gifts this year. Not only will they look really pretty, but you’;re giving something handmade. Who doesn’;t love that?

Let’;s get crafting!!

1. Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments by Green With Decor

2. DIY Galaxy and Planet Ornaments by Shrimp Salad Circus

3. Rustic Cinnamon Stick Ornaments by Tag &; Tibby

4. Faux Fur Pom Pom Ornaments by The DIY Dreamer

5. Reindeer Yarn Ornament by This Mama Loves

6. Easy 3D Paper Ornaments by Learning and Yearning

7. DIY Image Transfer Ornaments by Shrimp Salad Circus

8. Cookie Cutter Ornaments by The DIY Dreamer

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9. Shabby Chic Cast Iron Star Ornaments by Duct Tape &; Denim

10. DIY Glitter Ornaments by DIY Daily Life

11. Scrabble Merry Christmas Ornament by My Creative Life

12. Yarn Santa Ornament by My Creative Life

13. Embroidery Hoop Flannel Ornaments by My Thrifty House

14. Fabric Scrap Candy Cane Ornaments by DIY Candy

15. DIY Wine Cork Ornaments by Decor By The Seashore

16. Stable Christmas Ornament by Adventures of a DIY Mom

17. Amaryllis Inspired Ornament by Inspiration for Moms

18. Monogram Washi Tape Ornament by Domicile 37

19. Glitter Monogrammed Ornaments by Mod Podge Rocks

Aren’;t all those options great? I love easy and adorable. It’;s a dangerous combination for us busy moms. ?? Check out your favorite ornaments and start crafting! Let me know in the comments which ornaments you are making first!

pillow covers geometric

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We all love hand-making for the holidays, and each Friday from now through the end of the year we are sharing some of our favorite seasonal sewing projects – from decorations to brighten your home to projects that make great gifts.

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