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personalized gifts for 1 year old Bed Dimensions Explained- Does Size Really Matter- funny cushion covers

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personalized gifts for 1 year old Bed Dimensions Explained- Does Size Really Matter- funny cushion covers
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Did you know that on average we spend one third of our day in bed and over 200,000 hours in a lifetime tucked up all cosy fast asleep. So knowing this brings about even more importance in understanding just how size really does matter when finding the perfect bed for you and your home.

So firstly why does size matter when it comes to your bed choice and mattress, well bare in mind that your bed and mattress is a key investment for both yourself and your home. You may have it for a long period of time before considering purchasing another, so take into account your personal requirements when in search for your own ideal bed.

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Considering factors such as overall sizepersonalized gifts for 1 year old, frame and weight your body at night needs the space, support and comfort to promise both a restful night’s sleep as well as restorative properties to prepare you for the following day. Believe it or not finding the perfect bed that gives you a better night’s sleep can help you lead a healthier productive life and prevent any possibly health problems such as diabetes and more later on.

So the question maybe how do you know you’ve found the perfect bed size you need? Well ideally you should be able to lie in the centre of the bed (or chosen side) with both hands resting behind your head, meaning your elbows are out stretched and should be able to touch either edge of the mattress or the partner sleeping next to you.

This ensures that your body has enough sufficient space to find both comfort and move freely during the night without disruption. Another important point is that consider whether you or your partner should you have one are tall, medium or petite in height.

This is key because mattresses should be 10 cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on the bed to ensure maximum support is given to the whole body, preventing any limbs such as feet or arm’s nearing the edge or hanging over the bed.

Lastly bare in mind that when the time comes to purchase your chosen size of bed that both UK standard bed sizes (such as king size, queen, double and single) may differ from the alternative European bed size’s which you can purchase for other specialist stores.

However if you require a unique dimension and size of bed frame and mattress to suit your personal needs or room at home, then there are custom made bed specialist available to help you achieve the size and shape you need (though consider that this may incur extra costs than purchasing a standard bed).

We hope you found this article helpful, covering all you need to know about bed dimensions, its benefits and finding the perfect size to suit you.

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Last year I made a mini bag for my niece using Dora print fabric as it is her favorite cartoon.One day during a random phone conversation with her, she asked for a bigger Dora bag as she cannot carry many things in her small bag. So, I decided to make her a Dora Backpack for her birthday this year. I haven't stitched any backpack till now, so I took this as a challenge and made my own pattern to sew this backpack. This came out quite well except in few places. I think they are so negligible mistakes which I have to work on to avoid in my future projects. Now, let's get to the making of this bag.