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personalized gifts for 1 year old Bed Exercise and Yoga For Keeping Fit Whilst Bed Ridden funny cushion covers

custom gift for teacher
personalized gifts for 1 year old Bed Exercise and Yoga For Keeping Fit Whilst Bed Ridden funny cushion covers
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Yoga is great for relaxing, clearing the mind, keeping fit and healthy but we all have those odd days when getting out of bed to roll out the yoga mat seems a chore. However what would you think if I told you that you can benefit from all that yoga goodness without parting from your bed at all?

What’s that I hear you say you’d like to know more of these wondrous yoga poses without having to peel away your much loved duvet, well here are the perfect? pose’s to keeping fit and cosy at the same time during those much needed duvet days.

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Pyjama’s on and duvet at the ready the first pose you can begin with once you wake up bright and early is the child’s pose. Child’s pose stretches out your hipspersonalized gifts for 1 year old, thighs and ankles whilst also relieving pressure that you may feel in your neck and spine. To begin sit with both feet tucked underneath you, lower your chest onto your lap, relaxing your neck and stretching your arms out behind you.

Woken up with a stiff and achy back?? Well your second yoga pose to try is the two knee spinal twist. Great for stretching both the hip and back area doing the spinal twist will improve your circulation and flexibility to start the day. Simply lie on your back and gently lift and lower your knees to the side creating a gentle sideways twist in your spine.

Rolling onto the next pose is the pigeon, this stretches the lower hips, thighs and back in a forward position where one leg is out stretched behind and the other folded forward. Once you’ve achieve this sitting position slowly lower your body forward to a comfortable level until you feel a slight stretch and relax but not too much otherwise you’ll likely fall back asleep.

Number four of our bedtime yoga poses is the bridge post and the name pretty much explains the pose itself. The bridge pose is where you lift the lower portion of your body but your upper body says resting on the surface with arms stretched out underneath you for extra support. Not only does bridge stretch out your chest, neck, spin and lower legs but also is great for relieving stress, headaches and insomnia to.

Last but not least is the cobra pose and once this pose is complete you can continue your duvet day of relaxation for as long as you’d like. What are the benefits of the cobra I hear you say? Well it strengthens your spine whilst stretching out your chest, shoulders and abdomen area relieving stress and tension that you may be feeling from work, life or the snoring of your better half. Simply lay flat on your belly and rolling your shoulders back lift your tummy to gently stretch out your spine that’s all there is to it.

Marc Jacobs berets and winter! were my inspiration to create this beret. I used old 100% wool sweater in beautiful petrol color. Wool is very warm and perfect for winter but you may use different fabric, the most important thing is that this fabric should be elastic. Sewing beret is easy and if you'll use few tricks, which I showed in tutorial, it will be even easier.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to give your mom something special for Mother’s Day. I love the idea of gifting seeds, but hate that most packets have terrible graphics and leave the pricing right on the front. Instead, here’s how you can make your own!

Note: ?A great guest post from another member of the Carousel Designs family, Leah Sicat!