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personalized gifts for 1 year old DIY Mosaic Picture Frame custom anniversary gifts

custom gift for teacher
personalized gifts for 1 year old DIY Mosaic Picture Frame custom anniversary gifts
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While I’;m away attending and speaking at the BlogHer Conference (who’;s idea was that anyway?) I’;ve got an amazing team of bloggers who are willing to hold down the fort! Today’;s Post: DIY Mosaic Picture Frame by Renee from A Good Hearted Woman. Renee will show you how to save the memory of a precious item if it breaks! Renee also shared her very useful and functional DIY Tortilla Warmer a bit ago!

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Ever break a memory? Last week, I did – and this week I put it back together in a whole new way.A few years ago, my husband and I bought a beautiful set of pottery cups at a little place on Orcas Island up in the Puget Sound, and every time we used thempersonalized gifts for 1 year old, they reminded us of that lovely week we spent camping and kayaking in the San Juan Islands. Until last week, when I knocked one of our cups off the counter and broke it. At first, I thought I would just glue it back together, but one large chip was completely missing, so I sadly threw the pieces into our bathroom garbage can. They sat there for two days before I retrieved them to give them a second life.

When a special piece of glass or pottery breaks, it’;s easy to give it new life as a tiled mosaic –; on a frame, a tabletop, a serving tray, or just about anything. Our cup was just the right size to cover a 5×;7 picture frame. Materials:

Tools &; Other Stuff:

Next time you break a memory (or your kids do), don’t just throw it away – save it!

It’s down to the wire! It’s time for wrapping gifts and I’ve got 20 gift wrap and tag ideas to help you finish up your last holiday task! Thank goodness for free printable Christmas Gift Tags!

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