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personalized gifts for 1 year old How to Close Up a Seam with Invisible Hand Stitching sofa pillow covers

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personalized gifts for 1 year old How to Close Up a Seam with Invisible Hand Stitching sofa pillow covers
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The majority of projects you encounter require at least a little hand stitching. Often, it’s the final seam closure after turning a project right side out. The goal is to make your hand stitching as invisible as possible. Although it’s tempting to rush through this last bit of stitching, the Pro Secret is to take the?extra time to create a clean finish. The most common (and quick) hand stitching choice is usually the Whip Stitch, but it doesn’t yield the best look. We recommend the Ladder or Slip Stitch.

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The Whip Stitch is a fast and secure stitch that wraps around the two folded edges of your openingpersonalized gifts for 1 year old, cinching them closed. It’s certainly an option for some situations, but it’s not the best choice when your seam shows on the exterior of the project – it always ends up looking like you’ve closed up a wound. The stitches are visible and there is a slight pucker along the length of the closure.

Instead, try a Slip or Ladder Stitch to create an invisible seam between two folded edges, or a folded edge and a flat edge. You can use a slip stitch for bindings, to close a lining, for the final stitches on a stuffed pillow, or to apply appliqué invisibly.

The smoother and tighter your stitches and the better the match of your thread to your fabric, the more invisible the stitches will appear.

The pillows we used for these technique examples are made from our popular Relaxing Neck Pillow pattern. You can find the full instructions here.

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