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personalized gifts for 1 year old Interior Design For Men – Sci-fi funny cushion covers

custom gift for teacher
personalized gifts for 1 year old Interior Design For Men – Sci-fi funny cushion covers
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This amazing theme for a man cave ends this week's mini-series. Perfect for guys who love techy gear, UFOs and anything to do with space and technology. The theme is a matter of collecting as many objects which relate to the theme and proudly displaying them amid black furnishings and furniture. Silver and chrome teamed with black will be the perfect colour marriage for sci-fi interiors. This theme would also work well for those who love astronomy and have a separate room, observatory, where a telescope can be left on display and for nightly use. Of course tecky also means boys toys and gadgetspersonalized gifts for 1 year old, so the theme covers a wide range of pastimes and hobbies. Motorised Venetian blinds or curtains can be one of many different additions to the theme. If you have the cash windows which can be flicked from transparent to opaque look stylish especially at night and will impress your mates!

The more gadgetry the better, anything which can be operated by remote control can be included. This theme can also have one foot in the past with retro objects such as large computer screens, Bakelite televisions and radios on open display. Don't forget creature comforts by including coffee machines for beverages along with hi-fi sound systems and a plasma television. Lighting will be key to creating the correct look. Spot lights, wacky floor and table lamps can all be used to hight light specific objects, while remaining part of the overall display. Although based around sci-fi the theme can also revolve around Star Wars, Stargate or any other films which showed the the latest technology of the day.

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It can also be great for those who love inventing and making their own unique furnishings. In fact any deviations which cover a passion or interest can be used successfully if you plan the room out carefully to make sure that it has the right balance and proportion. Try and cram too much in and the chances are you'll end up with a jumbled mess which has no definite direction or focus. It's worth remembering the 'less is more' rule and choose only the most eye catching pieces to display.

Man caves are the domain of men – obviously! It's their room, and one which they can make all the decisions about colour schemes, furniture, soft furnishings and accessories – because in many case partners, spouses and more especially the opposite sex aren't allowed!

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Designer: Stacy Michaud

Welcome back! It’s day 3 of Anthropolgie Knock Off week and I am so thrilled you are here. Have you been checking out the awesome knock off projects from my co-hostesses? If you haven’t, you are missing out! At the end of this post you can see photos of their Tuesday projects, which you can click on to head over to their blogs. You will love what they have come up with.