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personalized gifts for 1 year old Keepin’ it Cheap for the 4th of July…{men’s shorts into BOY SHORTS and women’s shirt into GIRL SKIRT} pillow case baby

custom gift for teacher
personalized gifts for 1 year old Keepin’ it Cheap for the 4th of July…{men’s shorts into BOY SHORTS and women’s shirt into GIRL SKIRT} pillow case baby
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Yesterday, I explained that my calendar somehow skipped June.? So, with only a few days left, I decided to make the kiddos some 4th of July outfits.?

personalized gifts for her

Nothing too fussy…;…;and something FAR from spendy.

(In fact, I’;m sure I could have scrounged up some red/white/blue from their dresser drawers…;…;but you know me and holidays.? I love the excuse to make it a special day.? And I hope my kids will become adults who always find a reason to turn a regular ol’; day, into a special one.? In case you’;re new around here, check out my Holiday page.? You’;ll find all sorts of holiday attire that I’;ve had fun making for my kiddos.)

I shared Chloe’;s little Braided Collar Dress with Pockets yesterday…;…;and mentioned I would share Connor and Elli’;s today.

If you’;re extra last minute like me, these next two outfits are even quicker than yesterday’;s little dress.?

(…;and if you don’;t celebrate the 4th of Julypersonalized gifts for 1 year old, just consider these great little summertime outfits to make!)

So, start digging.? In your own closet…;…;.OR your husband’;s/friend’;s/mom’;s closet.? There’;s bound to be something un-loved in there, that’;s waiting to be turned into something new.? And twice as lovely.? (Or, do like I did and head to the thrift store.? Buying old clothing to cut up is usually much cheaper than buying new fabric.)

First up…;…;..Mr Connor.? For him, I found some men’;s pin-striped shorts, that I scaled down to little boy size. Total cost?? $1.50.

The pin stripes are perfect for the 4th…;…;..but also for the rest of summer.? So, I snatched them up speedy fast off the thrift store rack, before the guy next to me noticed them. (I almost became that frantic pushy person at the store, scrambling for the last roll of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve.)?

And guess what?? Connor loves them.? (But let’;s be honest, he’;s pretty easy to please.)

And in case you were thinking I spent lots of time on them…;…;.nope!? They’;re just an elastic waist.? Maybe 20 minutes later, and this kid had a new pair of shorts. :)

?. . . . .

Next up?? An Elastic Waistband Skirt for Elli…;…;..made from a lady’;s top.? Total cost?? I think it was $2.

Snip, snip, chop, chop…;…;..and then something sad turned happy!

This girl is easy to please as well, as long as it involves a skirt.? Or a dress.? Or a purse.? Or nail polish.? Or fancy new shoes. :)

The first time she put this on, she ran her hands all over the fabric and exclaimed, “;Wow mommy, this is super soft.? It feels JUST like a Tshirt.”;? Ha…;..really?? No way! ;)

And Chloe’;s little 4th of July outfit??? I shared her Shirt into Braided Collar Dress yesterday.

Now, we’;re all outfitted to celebrate the 4th of July…;…;without the breaking the bank.

Want to make a few last minute things too?

Elli’;s skirt and Connor’;s shorts are things I’;ve made around here before.? Many times! :)

To make the shorts, check out this Boy Shorts with Pockets tutorial.? You can add the pockets or leave them off…;…;.it’;s up to you!

But just use an existing pair of shorts (that fit) as your guide.? Or create a paper pattern first from those shorts, if you’;re more comfortable with that.? Just be sure to use the bottom hem of the men’;s shorts as the bottom hem of the boy shorts.? That will save you some time. :)

Also, you’;ll need to be cutting from a pair of men’;s shorts that are big enough to fit each boy short pattern piece between the side seams.

To make Elli’;s Skirt, check out this Elastic Waist Band tutorial.? If you haven’;t made one before…;…;it may become your new favorite way to make a skirt.?

But instead of starting from scratch, just cut the bottom half of the shirt off (measure the length you need, of course)…;…;.and then attach it to some wide elastic.?

And remember, if you’;re using knit shirt, it won’;t fray.? So, you don’;t need to hem under the top edge of the shirt after you cut it off.? You can leave it raw and just gather it and attach it to the elastic.? Quick and satisfying!

Hope that gave you a few last minute ideas for the 4th.? And if you don’;t celebrate the 4th of July…;…;..these are just some simple summertime re-purposing projects for you to try.

So, enjoy!

And Happy Independence Day!


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