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personalized gifts for 1 year old Nine 8-Year-Old Boys on the Gifts They Want for the Holidays personalized newborn baby gifts

custom gift for teacher
personalized gifts for 1 year old Nine 8-Year-Old Boys on the Gifts They Want for the Holidays personalized newborn baby gifts
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“When I wrestle with my friends, we throw our own championships. Whoever wins will get to wear the belt for five minutes before we start the next match.” —Ethan Galy, 8

“I found these while searching for gummies on Amazon. I really want them because they look really good. I love spicy stuff. They’re squishy, some are sour.” —Ethan

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“I would like the Assembly Square, because it is a giant Lego set, and I love to build Legos with all the different pieces, and yeah, that’s it.” —Jay K., 8

“I would like a VR setpersonalized gifts for 1 year old, but I’m pretty sure my mom wouldn’t get it for me. It’s one of those VR sets —?I think most of them work like this. You put this headset on, and you put a Samsung phone in, and it’s virtual reality. It’s really cool.” —Charlie Mitkowski, 9

“I already know. It’s a Nintendo Switch. It’s because it’s a cool device. You can play a lot of games. They’ve already created 25 games. I’m excited about Mario Odyssey. And a little bit of Minecraft LEGO stuff.” —Matias Olier, 8

“Video games for the Nintendo Switch. I want FIFA, WWE. I don’t know how to be specific! FIFA is a good game. I enjoyed the previous ones! I have, like, eight other games [I want]. Should I just share the top three? The one I really want is Splatoon 2. It’s like paintball. It’s a game where you have to cover your side in whatever color. It looks fun.” —Jakey Silver, 8

“A soccer jersey of Cristiano Ronaldo and a hockey jersey of Anders Bjork. He’s on the Bruins! My brother’s favorite player now is him, but last year, he hated him because he was on Notre Dame for college. He has the third most points on the team and the fourth most goals on the team.” —Finn Reilly, 8

“I want a Hexbug track. There are these Hexbugs. They’re little bugs, they’re about an inch long. They have these tiny, little legs. They’re motorized, and what they do is shift in weird ways and vibrate, and the legs kind of move. So they just go all over the place. Sometimes they have these tracks that curl all the way around, and the Hexbugs are able to do that because they have legs on the back, too.” —Shaylem Kogan, 9

“A NERF blaster, so I can shoot my dad.” —Cooper M., 8

“Football pads. Well, to play, and be prepared!” —Lachlan P., 8

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I just made this fabric belt as a little Valentine’s Day gift for my toddler. It only took a few minutes, I hope she likes it.Get the full Fabric Toddler Belt DIY after the jump…DIY Fabric Belt for Toddler

Designer: Stacy Michaud

Welcome back! It’s day 3 of Anthropolgie Knock Off week and I am so thrilled you are here. Have you been checking out the awesome knock off projects from my co-hostesses? If you haven’t, you are missing out! At the end of this post you can see photos of their Tuesday projects, which you can click on to head over to their blogs. You will love what they have come up with.