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personalized gifts for 1 year old Now You See It, Now You Don't funny cushion covers

custom gift for teacher
personalized gifts for 1 year old Now You See It, Now You Don't funny cushion covers
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One of the fastest growing crazes in interior design is hiding your television. The first televisions were housed in cabinets, you opened the doors and all huddled round. Then they became a thing to flauntpersonalized gifts for 1 year old, showing that you had the money spend.

These cumbersome objects have given way to slimline plasma screens and once again history has repeated itself and we're hiding them out of sight. ? This may also be due to the rise in house theft; leaving expensive all singing, all dancing televisions on display when you're not at home is an open invitation for many thieves. Or maybe we're hiding them because we don't want to admit to guests or ourselves that we've become a nation of telly addicts! Whatever the reasons designers have found some ingenious ways to hide televisions. ?

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Day 7 of WeAllSew’s Countdown to Christmas . . . only 17 days to go!?

Once upon a time, white walls were looked upon with great disdain. Also known as “rental white,” white walls were thought to be void of personality and sterile. Fast forward to 2016, and white walls are de riguer for homes everywhere and a major staple in every designer’s toolbox. We must admit, we love the look, too.

How cute is this little guy? Rachael from Imagine Gnats is here with this sweet DIY Felt Raccoon Coffee Cozy. It’s a perfect project just in time for fall. You could show it off with your DIY fox scarf too. Along with her tutorial, Rachael has also provided the free pattern so you can just print out, cut out, and start sewing.