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personalized gifts for 1 year old personalised outdoor cushion covers 5 Tips for Bringing Your Dream Decor Style Into Reality

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personalized gifts for 1 year old personalised outdoor cushion covers 5 Tips for Bringing Your Dream Decor Style Into Reality
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Now that you’ve identified what design aesthetic you’re most drawn to, interior stylist Miranda Rose Farmer?shares her five tips for creating a glamorous, layered, inviting space that looks like a straight-up Anthropologie ad.

My favorite place in the world is probably my bed: it’;s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night.?I like to keep my bedding fairly neutral in color to maintain that calming vibe, but with lots of visual interest through patterned textiles: animated throw pillows alongside cozy, textured blankets.?Surrounding my bed with plantspersonalized gifts for 1 year old, candles and stimulating artwork makes it feel like a defined, sovereign space in the room.?(Cue Quasimodo at the top of Notre Dame…;”Sanctuary!”)

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When I was younger, I remember always being very impressed with homes that had a designated bar area.?There was something incredibly hospitable about having a hub where guests could help themselves to drinks and snacks –; all very chic 1950’s.?I don’;t necessarily have a ton of guests over, but I like the idea that someone could just drop by and I would have refreshments readily available (plus, it feels super classy!)?If a wet bar’s not your style, try a coffee bar, or even just bottles of sparkling water and pretty citrus fruit.?Your guests (and inner 50’s bigwig) will thank you.

Greenery in a home is imperative to me.?Not only does it make a space look lush and thriving, it also creates an ethereal softness that eases the soul.?That being said, I’ve murdered many a plant in my day.?Many.

If you’re less experienced in the ways of flora, snake plants, pothos and Zanzibar Gems (ZZ pants) are all easy-care options, and artificial plants are more realistic-looking than ever.? If an area is feeling stark or sterile, it’;s probably just missing some greens.

I love going into a swanky, urban restaurant or bar and checking out what kind of #bathroomselfie backdrop they’;ve got going on.?While gutting the bathroom is not in my rental agreement (or even my budget), small, ornamental changes make the space feel modern and innovative.?Adding a rad shower curtain, some quirky artwork and a faux plant or two can generate an elevated, unique look (sans all the hipsters and overpriced martinis.)

The juxtaposition of old pieces with new is really the key to having a multifaceted, magazine-worthy residence.?The homes that I find myself most enamored with are the ones that include both fresh, contemporary decor and vintage elements. Incorporating art, furniture and decorative items that have had a past life creates an atmosphere of history, sophistication and romance.? From thrift/consignment stores and flea markets to online antique shops and estate sales, the options for integrating vintages touches are endless.


personalised outdoor cushion covers

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